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In today’s day and age of virtual tours, online video chats, and Zoom meetings, real estate, which is been deemed essential in many states, continues to go on, albeit in a new and unusual fashion. Today we have more real estate video tours than ever before so how can you make the most of your virtual real estate tour? Here are 10 questions to ask during a real estate video tour.

#1. Can you start from the outside and how close are the neighbors? Knowing how close a home is to the next-door neighbor can give you a better idea of potential noise levels or whether a window looks directly into their house.

#2. Are there any creeks or noises as you walk around? This could be an indication that there could be some subflooring issues or structural issues. If you’re walking around in a carpeted area and there’s creeks or other sounds, this could indicate a bigger problem, however, you won’t know this for sure without a home inspection, something you should never neglect.

#3. What direction is the natural light coming from? This can give you a better idea of the time of day (especially if you’re moving from a different time zone) and where you’ll likely have the most sun during the day.

#4. How old of the kitchen appliances? Kitchen appliances can easily be looked over when you’re more concerned about the space and the rooms themselves but replacing older appliances can get pretty expensive so ask your agent how well the appliances are functioning and how old they are.

#5. Can you open all of the windows and curtains? You want to see all the possible views that the home may provide once you live there. A seller may also be hiding in obstructed or unsightly view of the window was covered up so have your agent open all of the windows and curtains.

#6. Ask about any surfaces looking worn or damaged. It’s not always easy to tell from a video so take the time to look at different details and ask the agent if they notice anything that’s been damaged or looks worn.

#7. What are the noise levels inside and outside the home? The home may be on a busy street or near public areas and volume might be an issue. It’s also important to note the time of day as well as this can cause noise levels throughout the day.

#8. Do you notice anything different from being there in person versus the listing photos? Sellers can tend to accentuate certain features and photos while distracting buyers from others so ask the agent if anything looks unusual from the listing photo to being there in person.

#9. Can you take me on a drive of the neighborhood? We can always look at the “Street View” from Google Maps but it’s even better when the agent gives you a personalized tour of the neighborhood within a virtual tour.

#10. If we experience network reception issues can you record this video and send it to me later instead? You want to be clear about the features of the home you want to focus on and spend extra time on others but if your connection drops you want to have that on video so make sure your agent is recording the video as well.

If you’re looking to buy any homes in Gilbert Arizona, Chandler, or surrounding communities feel free to give me a call. I’d love to offer you a virtual tour of the neighborhood and the home and offer any details I can to provide you with the best customer service possible when buying or selling throughout Gilbert and Chandler.

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