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When we purchase a new property the ideal and sometimes pictured in our mind expectation is that the home will be vacant, empty, clean, and ready to bring our things into so that we can get to setting up our new space and moving on with the next steps of life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in every real estate purchase. Some homes are left in the same or worse condition than they were when you went to look at the property.  

Here are Four Types of Real Estate that May Require Extra Cleaning Before Move-In  

Former Rentals 

It is not uncommon for landlords to decide the rental business is no longer for them and to sell a home they were renting out. If the property is currently occupied by a tenant still renting the property until it is sold, it is likely that you may not receive the keys to the home with it in top condition. Many times renters have left a property less than ideal. It is very common and pretty much expected by experienced landlords that when a tenant vacates a property it is going to need some cleaning TLC before it can be turned over and presented to new potential renters. So don’t expect the worse, but don’t be surprised if you walk into a former rental ready to move in and it is a bit of a mess.  


Having to sell the estate of a loved one for whatever reason is usually a stressful and sometimes a traumatic situation for family members. It can be very overwhelming to have to take care of another person’s complete lifetime of belongings especially if it is within a strict deadline. It is not uncommon for people cleaning up and selling an estate to get overwhelmed or run out of time and leave a few things behind or forget to do something.  

Commercial Real Estate 

There are a number of interesting things that get left behind in commercial real estate by businesses that formerly occupied the building. Many times a business is focused on all of the details of packing up and moving on and some of the details can become forgotten in the process, like making sure the building is in top shape.  


This is the most common of left behind real estate messes. In fact, many times people taking over ownership of a foreclosed property do not just find left behind belongings and piles of garbage and mess, they often find vandalized and ruined things in the home. There are many crazy stories of taking possession of a foreclosed property. If you watch home improvement shows you have probably seen the hosts take ownership of a property they plan to remodel only to find a surprise or two.  

It is a good idea to have a professional come in and deep clean a property before you move anything into it, no matter what condition it is in. If the property is left in disarray, the help of a professional cleaning service is even more helpful to get the property back in a habitable condition. If there is carpet in the property you will definitely want it deep cleaned (that is if it doesn’t require replacement.)  

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