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There’s no question that selling a home can be an in-depth, sometimes stressful process. From choosing the right realtor to list your home to ensure you price it correctly to making it look as nice as possible for a potential buyer, there are a number of important steps to sell your home for the best value. One of the most important, and sometimes overlooked, steps is the home inspection. As easy as it is to get wrapped up in the process of not only selling your home but moving into a new home, forgoing an inspection could likely prove a costly mistake. Here are just a few basic tips to get started properly with a home inspection:

Hire the best, not the cheapest3 Home Inspection Tips for Sellers

While it can be tempting to pick the cheapest inspector possible due to dealing with other expenses in selling your home, it’s highly recommended that you choose the most experienced. According to Angie Hicks, co-founder of Angie’s List, “Home inspections generally cost between $300 and $450.” Depending on the size of your home, costs could be higher. However, hiring an experienced home inspector pays off in the long run when they can find any major issues you may have not realized existed.

Do your own inspection

While hiring a professional home inspector is important, you can do your part as well by surveying around your home to detect any minor issues that can be solved. Things to look for may be any electrical outlets that may have defects on them, any walls that need repainting or wallpaper that needs to be replaced, carpet that needs replacing, etc. When giving out a final list to any potential buyers, try to focus on the most important, major areas of concern rather than listing all the minor issues that could easily be resolved by yourself. This can prevent scaring buyers away from what is actually a good home in which to live.

Try not to get in the inspector’s way

Although there’s nothing wrong with following the inspector to make sure all important areas are covered, try not to distract the inspector so much that they forget to check a particular area. This may seem like a minor issue; but if the inspector isn’t able to do their job effectively, this could come back to bite you in the eventual sale. If the inspector is checking any plumbing or water issues, try not to take a shower or use the restroom during this time. This could affect the outcome of the inspection itself. At the same time, being present during the inspection is wise and highly recommended.

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