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Selling your home now is quite different than it was just six months ago. We are definitely doing things differently and we want to keep ourselves and those we come in contact as safe as possible. But homebuyers are now shifting gears as to what is more important to them in a home. With many people realizing they may be able to work from home indefinitely, and some families deciding to homeschool their children, the needs for home definitely change. If you’re looking to sell your home but want to appeal to today’s buyers here are four upgrades to consider when selling your home now.4 Upgrades to Consider When Selling Your Home Now

#1. Family space but separate.

Living with your family 24 hours a day is definitely a challenge and not everyone can do it. Buyers want someplace that they can enjoy time with the family and yet have a separate space as well. This might mean setting up everyone’s bedrooms to accommodate their daily life such as computers for kids to do homework on, a reading nook in the master bedroom, or a spa-like retreat in a bathroom. We all need our separate space from time to time in creating that will give buyers a sense of peace when viewing your home.

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#2. Home office.

This has definitely become a necessity for millions of Americans right now. Having a space where you can work and separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family is essential for a productive workday. Finding that home office either by converting a room in the house, combining bedrooms for siblings, or even constructing an off-site, detached home office, might be the best option. Showing buyers that you have this feature will certainly not detour buyers that are not looking for this feature but will appeal to more of the home buyer pool out there. Related: 10 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Backyard Office

#3. Outdoor entertainment space.

With more of us spending time at home we want to enjoy our home and the amenities it provides so upgrading to an outdoor living room, kitchen, or entertainment space will definitely appeal to buyers. Consider creating a patio, have an outdoor table and dining chairs, create conversation spaces with outdoor furniture and couches, consider an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, fire pit, playset, or even an outdoor entertainment center complete with television.

#4. Great landscaping.

If we’re going to be spending more time at home we want our view to be amazing. If you have a home office that looks into the backyard, a beautifully landscaped area will promote a more productive workday and create a more serene environment. Update your landscaping by providing lush greens, mowed and trimmed yard and peaceful flowers. Buyers may not consider all the maintenance in exchange for the ambiance a lush backyard provides.

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