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Moving to Arizona? You’re not alone. A lot of people are moving to Arizona right now and specifically the Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler area. If you’ve ever moved into a new city or neighborhood, you likely know one of the stresses involved is how to make friends and meet people. It can be emotionally hard to move away from people you’ve grown close to and shared many meals with; however, there will always be new opportunities to start fresh and make new connections.

Here are 4 Ways to Make Friends in a New Place – From a previous client:4 Ways to Make Friends in a New Place

When my wife and I moved, it was especially difficult for me to adjust to the change. Although we moved primarily because of a new job opportunity for me, it was hard to leave all I knew. My wife was a missionary kid and therefore used to moving from place to place. I, however, was born and raised in Missouri. Most of my family lived there. How were we going to adjust? It hasn’t been easy, but we have become more comfortable in our new home. If you’re having a difficult time yourself or are worried about how to make new friends in your new home, let me share a few ideas that may make it easier.

Plan a vacation

Before you relocate, try spending a few days in your new home area. If you have any friends currently living there, see if they can show you around and even introduce you to some of the friends they have made there. If not, perhaps they know someone to connect you with. If the city has a local website, you could try researching what events are coming up that you could participate in. Whether it’s a county fair or a sporting event or a church gathering, there are likely plenty of ways to meet new people there.


No community is without some sort of need. Whether it’s volunteering at a local food pantry or taking part in a community event, pitching in to help not only benefits those you serve but leaves a great impression on those you’ll be interacting with on a regular basis.

Befriend co-workers

While not necessarily every co-worker you come into contact with will be a pleasant experience, there will surely be at least one or two that you can connect with. It can be hard to make the first move and strike up a conversation, but it’s worth the effort to try. You never know how much you’ll have in common with people you see for eight hours a day unless you take that chance.

Accept the invites

If you’re anything like me, you might find it easier to simply stay at home after work and play video games or watch movies. However, while it’s certainly not a bad thing, that’s not the best way to make friends. If you’re able to hit it off with a co-worker, a friend from church, or in some other gathering, try to accept invites to different events or meals. Make yourself seem available and approachable. You may be shy at first; but speaking from experience, I can tell you it’s worth it when you do make the effort to socialize.

Regardless of what method you choose, nothing beats the value of a good friendship. Not only will it make it easier to adjust to a new life, but it will also bring many lasting memories that money simply cannot buy.  When you need to buy or sell in Gilbert or Chandler Arizona contact my office at any time. Let me help negotiate on your behalf to get the right home at the right price.

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